Making memories for the kids part 1. 

David Walliams you’re an amazing kids story teller. One of the best infact, however you’re also a git. Who decides to start a kids book about a grandparent suffering from dementia. Especially since the grand parents in this family bought said book as a present and signed “happy 7th birthday xxx love granny and grandad” for their grandson. One week later they get diagnosis no one ever wants to hear – dementia.

Look kids it’s a new book! It’s about a boy and his granddad, look wee one it’s even got cool pictures! Let’s start…”One day grandpa started to forget things.” silence, followed by an attempt at reading the next few line… “it was little things at first.”…

So far I’ve got through the first seven words of the prologue and there’s tears streaming down my face, the kids looking at me slightly madly as though an alien has landed on their bed and replaced their dad. (The little one would love that as long as it involves more snacks and milk. The big one might hold out for buttons).

Bugger, How can a bloody kids book suddenly set off a 43 year old bloke who doesn’t cry within 7 bloody words? Hell, I’ve never even cried at bambi, nor have I cried when stubbing too many toes to count, or even when lost at monopoly (which did involve police at the door) yet 7 bloody words in and I’m drowning the bairn’s bed.

Then the 7yo shows wisdom beyond his years with one magical line… “Can we read about dragons instead?”.

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